Jack & Jill

The Nursery Rhyme series is a set of eight digital collages created using hand drawn imagines which are then assembled in the computer and converted into vector graphics.

The series was created in 2011 and inspired by the idea that traditional English Nursery Rhymes may originally have been based on historical people and events, disguised as satirical propaganda or political protest.

Jack and Jill refer to King Louis XVI who was beheaded (lost his crown) followed by his Queen Marie Antoinette (who came tumbling after).

Giclee Print
Paper : Hahnemuehle Bamboo 290g
Size : 65 x 42 cm (incl a white border)
Edition of 250
Signed and numbered


  1. Eva

    I saw your exhibition at rolls gallery
    for a couple of months ago. Is IT possible to buy this art paper from you with the two cats😄

    • Hej!

      Vad roligt att du såg utställningen och att du vill köpa ett av mina konsttryck. Dom finns att köpa i min art print store som du hittar i menyn högst upp till höger. Dom kostar 1400 kr och är numrerade och signerade.Frakt inom Sverige är gratis.

      Med vänlig hälsning,

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