Article UNTBorn in England in 1974.

A year later the family moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where Hanna grew up. She returned to England in 1994 to complete her studies and received a Bachelor of Arts in 1997 from The University of East London.

In 1998 Hanna moved to the South of France where she met her future husband, Mitch Waite, also an artist. They married in 2000 and opened an art school the same year, Maison des Arts. In 2010 the business expanded with the acquisition of an art gallery in the town of Vence, near Nice called Galerie Waite. Here they were both able to have their studio as well as receive clients and sell their art.

In January 2013 Mitch was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and died in November the same year. The family decided to move back to Uppsala, Sweden, where Hanna now lives with her two boys, Anthony and Elton. She continues to paint in her studio at home while also running the occassional painting course in the South of France and filling in as an art teacher at the local school in Sweden.


  1. Hanna – I am so sorry to have missed Mitch’s memorial service and of course my thoughts go to you and your boys. I do hope that with time, you will find hope and peace. Just to say that a long time ago, I had some lessons’s with Mitch and I was always so aware of his generosity and kindness. It must be so difficult for you.. I would love to hear back from you, but of course understand if this is not possible. Love Carol

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