Hanna was born in England in 1974. She spent her childhood in Sweden, but returned to England to attend Drama School at the age of 20. After completing her studies and receiving a BA in Acting from the University of East London she moved to the South of France where she lived and worked as an artist and actress for 16 years whilst at the same time raising two boys. In 2014 Hanna returned to Sweden with the children after losing her husband, a fellow artist, to cancer. In Sweden she continued her studies and obtained a degree in Art from the University of Umeå and Pedagogy from The University of Stockholm. She now teaches Art and Visual Communication to high school students and creates her own art work in her home studio.

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  1. Hanna – I am so sorry to have missed Mitch’s memorial service and of course my thoughts go to you and your boys. I do hope that with time, you will find hope and peace. Just to say that a long time ago, I had some lessons’s with Mitch and I was always so aware of his generosity and kindness. It must be so difficult for you.. I would love to hear back from you, but of course understand if this is not possible. Love Carol

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